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today. >> and two dogs get into it at a dc festival. cops are called in, one pulls the trigger. details coming up. in the meantime, good monday morning, hope you had a great weekend. thank you for joining us, i'm megan pringle. >> i'm jamie costello. welcome back, justin berk. >> we've got another hurricane but this one well out into the atlantic and this one not going to impact us at least immediately and at least in the near term. we're looking at first off, after the first wet day in nearly three weeks morning clouds and some areas of fog. even dampness on the yownd that will dry out this afternoon, as the breeze gives us clearing sunshine and nice warm temperatures. there's hurricane igor. right now a very strong category 4 and could become a category 5 storm as we head on in through the afternoon or evening. we'll talk more about that coming up. this morning, just quiet around town. low clouds, areas of fog and 61 in baltimore. to 57 with fog over there in
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easton on the eastern shore. we're clear and we're quiet on maryland's most powerful doppler radar. five complete sweeps across the chesapeake and maryland, no rain today but early fog and clouds giving way to clearing. this afternoon's 2-degree guaranteed high of 82 with sunshine. let's check the roads with kim. >> we don't have any incidents or problems so far around the beltway. 695 is actually checking in without problems. as we look at the cameras, here we are on the beltway at harford road, you see traffic is starting to build particularly on the outer loop lanes to the lefthand side of the screen but just minor delays at this time. as we look at the maps mostly a handful of road hazards to let you know about. debris reported 97 southbound at dorsey road. in catonsville the eastbound lanes of route 40 at new wood drive. the right lane and right turning lane continue to be blocked because of a down tree and towson, experiencing watermain issues because of a ruptured watermain on york road, that is between overbrook
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road and winwood road. no lanes blocked at this time. in cecil county northbound 95 at the chesapeake house rest stop. one lane reopened but it's pretty much jammed as you head towards the chesapeake house because of an accident involving a tractor-trailer and fuel spill. back to you. 6:32. people who live in italy have lived there their whole lives. they all know their neighbors. this morning they are talking to neighbors about being left in the dark. they were roughing it this weekend. abc2 news linda so joins us with no pore in -- power in little italy. >> reporter: an underground fire knocked out power to a lot of folks in the area. bge crews have been working since yesterday to restore the power. the hope is to get it back on for everyone sometime this morning. an underground electrical cable sparked the fire early sunday morning that knocked out power to parts of little italy. it happened at the corner of fawn and high streets. 1120 customers were left in the dark -- 125 customers were left in the dark.
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some restaurants even had to close their doors. >> the midst of recession, three blizzards that happened on weekends. a transformer fire that knocks out power and knocks out another night is not the best way to continue in business but hey, football was on tonight. we're watching it. it was not going to be a terribly busy night i don't think but no way to tell. we're most concerned about saving perishables. >> reporter: again, the hope is to get the power back on to everyone sometime this morning. until the work gets done though you can expect some road closures in the area of high and fawn streets in little italy. live in little italy, linda so, abc2 news. one of the three american hikers held in iran for more than a year could be released as soon as today. after a power struggle with iran's conservative leadership for her freedom, in doubt the woman arrested along with the iraq borders on the verge now of heading home. the two men hiking with her could be on their way to spy
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trials. larissa cracken has the latest. >> reporter: the good news came on iranian state television. the chief prosecutor said sarah shourd would be freed due to her health provided she paid $500,000 in bail. >> we're hopeful and encouraged by this news but there have been starts and stops in this before. until that actually happens we're on a wait and see basis. >> reporter: the long ordeal for sarah and her two travel campaignans began july 312009 when he were, they were arrested for allegedly crossing the border into iran and accused of being spies. in may the iranian government allowed the three a joyful reunion with their mothers. until sunday the lawyer had never met them. he reports they were all in high spirits and said he's hoping to get all of them released on bail. iranian president ahmadinejad personally lobbied for shourd's freedom only to have the judiciary delay release and add
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the bail demand. u.s. officials insist the bail money won't come from the american government and it's unclear whether she will be pressured to return to iran for trial. >> i'm sure it will weigh heavily on her if they ask for her to come back. nobody wants to think two people's lives imend on them returning to a -- depend on them returning a to a country. >> reporter: her release is clouded by the imprisonment of her two friends who may soon stand trial for illegally entering the country, punishable by up to 10 years behind bars. 6:35. making headlines around the nation -- we have a fascinating new look at the california neighborhood ravaged by the deadly gas pipeline explosion and fire. these are the satellite images from san bruno. take a look at the picture before thursday's incident that killed at least four people and destroyed dozens of homes. now watch. this is the after-picture watch it come into focus here. look at that. wow. you can see the homes and trees
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that once stood in the area now reduced to piles of ash and rubble. do you know this is the home of youtube? where youtube was founded, in san bruno, california. one homeowner in georgia did not have such a great weekend. this happened when an out of control driver slammed into the top of their house and that's happened saturday. you can see the gaping hole in the side of the home and police say the driver was speeding down a hill, hit an embankment, went airborne and that person is suspected of drunk driving. the driver only received minor injuries. no one in the house was hurt. 6:36. sand sculptors are carving through yards of sand in federal way, washington state. this is incredible video. the artists from around the world are in federal way for the first world championship of sand sculpting to be held in the united states. they are working in a five-acre parking lot and are pouring and pounding the sand, carving through the fine-grain sand that was trucked in for this competition.
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teams will get basically 56 hours to turn all of this sand into detailed work. some art. then it will be washed away in one day. >> great job. counties cleaning up this morning. >> after a huge mudslide hit one town. >> for all you chocolate lovers, we have something that will whet your appetite. everyone knows a fee is a tax. you raised some taxes during that period, particularly the property tax as well as a lot of fee increases. as you know, there's a big difference between fees and taxes. but...they're the same. it's a tax. it's a tax. it's a tax. it's a tax. there's a big difference between fees and taxes. fees and taxes are one in the same. if it comes out of my pocket, it's a tax. now he says it isn't true. we didn't raise taxes. what? still doing the same thing, paying out more money.
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typical politician. definitely.
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around the world news right now, one person feared dead after a river burst its banks near a tiny village on italy's southern coast this is video showing a massive mudslide. rushing down the hills. officials say a 25-year-old woman went missing when a
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coffee bar where she worked was flooded. the rain let up a little bit but more is expected in the next few days. here's something that is sure to satisfy your chocolate craving. they are bringing back the world's largest chocolate bar it weighs 9,702 pounds, almost as much as three cars. the armenian company says the bar was produced to mark the 10th anniversary of the company. the previous record was in italy in 2007. it will be divided up and handed out to members of the public sometime next month. a deadly crash over the weekend. >> we're going to tell you what police are still looking for, in the involvement with suspects, coming up. >> a car slams into a motorcycle killing the rider and now police want to catch the person responsible for this fatal hit-and-run. hear what friends of the victim have to say. >> a controversy in washington, dc over a shooting involving a police officer and a dog. >> we have a group from maryland saying it wants to help buy the controversial mosque near ground zero. what they are offering and what
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they plan to do with the building >> also ahead, still dark in little italy. why the power went out and when it will come back. >> sunday was our first wet day in nearly three weeks. a little damp and cool this morning but we actually have a warm afternoon in store. currently 61 with 93% humidity in downtown baltimore. how about that traffic? >> traffic is starting to build around the area. fortunately we're looking good at 95 at joppa road. still dealing with a serious crash, northbound lanes of 95 at cecil county. i'll have an update for you when "good morning maryland" returns after this break. hey, smart, we could stay here for the conference.
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thank you for joining us. your abc2 news to go, i'm megan pringle. >> i'm jamie costello. a local nonprofit says it wants to buy the controversial mosque
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near ground zero. >> the group doubled donald trump's original offer and wants to turn it into something that helps victims of the september 11th attacks. >> no rain to be found. owings mills 61 degrees at the harbor school. we're not indicating much on maryland's most powerful doppler radar and five complete sweeps across the chesapeake bay. we're done with the rain though we needed what we got yesterday. we need a lot more. still looking at a drying setup for this afternoon. the hour by hour forecast shows us the sunshine pushes back by lunchtime and the 2-degree guaranteed high this afternoon at 82 degrees. let's check the roads with kim. >> thank you. we're actually looking pretty good trafficwise around the beltway but in terms of volume it's going to be jammed already here on the northwest corner at old court road. traffic pretty much going to be at a crawl as you head down towards i-70. fortunately no incidents at this time but still working a crash northbound 95 at route 222, only one lane gets by, a handsfulful road hazards around baltimore county.
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i'll let you know in a few minutes how that will impact you. 6:47. if you see a late-model black mercedes with driver's side damage and missing a side-view mirror call police. abc2 news sherrie johnson tells us this could be the car police are looking for in a deadly hit-and-run. >> police are still looking for answers in this case and two little girls are left without a father after a fatal hit-and-run accident. it happened saturday about 7:00 p.m. in the 5200 block of erdman avenue in east baltimore. witnesses say a black mercedes hit 25-year-old gerard grant on his motorcycle. the driver of the mercedes immediately fled the scene. police don't believe this was a case of road rage. there is significant damage to the driver's side of the mercedes. >> to know that someone hit him and took off is devastating. to know that there are two little girls that no longer have a dad. it's crushing to me because i am a mom. >> reporter: police say they are looking for a black
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mercedes with major damage to the driver's side and the mirror is missing. anyone with information should call the accident investigation unit at 410-396-2609. in the studio, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. another motorcyclist is also dead and police believe alcohol may have been a factor in this. it happened at this intersection of solley and nabs creek roads in glen burnie just before midnight saturday. according to police a woman hit a deer with her car, and the driver in the vehicle behind her stopped to avoid hitting her but a motorcycle driven by 34-year-old john fabian iii didn't stop. and hit the second car. fabian was pronounced dead at the scene. his passenger suffered serious injuries. police say they believe fabian had been drinking. 6:48 now. we now know the identity of two people found dead in a howard county home. according to authorities claire lenore stout and reginald van graves both died from what appear to be gunshot wounds.
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the child who lived in the home on bonnie bridge place in ellicott city found the bodies, police are still investigating but say there appears to be no signs of forced entry. it may have been a domestic assault they say. power could be turned back on in little italy sometime this afternoon. here we are at 6:49. a fire happened just before 7:30 yesterday in an underground power tunnel at the corner of fawn and high streets. knocked out electricity. this video shot by one of the restaurant owners shows flames shooting into the air. power was knocked out to most of that area. sending the area's restaurants scrambling on a sunday. in the midst of recession, after three blizzards that happened on weekends, a transformer fire that knocks out power and knocks out another night it's not the best way to continue in business but hey, football was on tonight, we're all watching that anyway, too. it was not going to be a terribly busy night i don't think but no way to tell. we're most concerned about saving our perishables.
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>> a beck spokeswoman says -- a bge spokeswoman says crews worked all day yesterday. the adams morgan festival in downtown dc is supposed to be a good time. witnesses say two dogs began fighting on the sidewalk, somebody called police and police say they attempted to stop it. one person was walking by when he noticed the commotion. >> i saw two, three cops surrounding a pit bull. one had it on a leash. it was dragging it over. as it was on the leash the pill -- pit bull was trying to attack the dog. >> no information yet on what led up to the shooting. many at the festival were surprised by what happened. 6:50. opening statements are expected this morning in the murder trial of former councilman ken harris. suspects gary collins, charles mcganey and jerome williams have been charged with first degree murder, handgun and
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assault violations. this happened in 2008 at the havenwood lounge. during a robbery. harris drove away before collapsing. pronounced dead at hopkins hospital. nonprofit organization drums and disabilities will announce today its proposal to add $6 million to the offer that donald trump made for his attempt to purchase the mosque at ground zero. in a press conference at the holiday inn in timonium the group will announce its plan. the proposal offers the new purchase price of $12 million to the ground zero mosque developers. the organization calls to replace the mosque at ground zero with a state of the art therapy center which will include free therapy services for police officers and firefighters who were disabled as a result of the 9/11 attacks. 6:51. 19 games left. the orioles need to win eight of them to avoid the loss. buck showalter turned things around. yesterday in detroit though the
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orioles lost 6-2. miguel cabrera delivered a bases loaded double in the eighth. the orioles be back home tonight against toronto. then a weekend series with the yankees. tonight difference the 15th -- begins the 15th season for the ravens. in the brand new stadium. the steelers should have lost. also the redskins beat dallas. so the ravens and jets tonight. never, no season caused this much excitement or promise. the ravens take on the jets in jersey, game time tonight will be 7:00. 6:52 now. it was a trip to asia without ever leaving baltimore county. >> the asian arts and cultural center at towson university hosted the festival this weekend visitors sampled food, watched performances and could get
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hands on experience with arts and crafts from countries such as china, japan, the philippines and indonesia. an underground discovery made in southern maryland. >> it's a dolphin skull that is estimated to be 16 million years old. it was found in calvert county. these are pictures from the excavation from calvert cliffs. it was found three months ago and this weekend students from an evolution class at harrisburg university helped dig the whole thing out. a paleontologist from the calvert marine museum said the dolphin was underwater. it died and was covered. the fossil will be on display at the museum in just a few weeks. 6:53. sticking with that theme, carving out a big storm in the atlantic, igor, this one 150 mile-per-hour winds, the eye about 15 nautical miles apart. and the storm itself looks very healthy and looks like it may
6:54 am
strengthen a little bit today. goes through these eyewall replacement cycles and may weaken a little there and into the open waters of the atlantic ocean. julia behind it, no threat to land but watching igor. category 4 storm may briefly hit category 5, gradually weaken and then spread out lots of waves could hit bermuda, stay away from the east coast with big waves by ocean city expected for this week. right now we're looking at anything but tropics, 61, cool and damp in baltimore and looking at improving weather with low clouds on the eastern shore. there's definitely dry air to be found, pushing in. some of you may see sun this morning on the west and we all get a chance of that clearing as we head into the afternoon. 2-degree guaranteed high reaches 82 this afternoon. long clear nights, dropping back into the 50s, patchy fog. we're expecting temperatures to stay in the upper 70s for tuesday and wednesday. so slightly cooler but seasonal with nice sunny days. clouds roll back in thursday, near 80 with a chance of late
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showers. the showers could continue friday but the weekend looking great, upper 70s to around 80, again cool lows mid to upper 50s. we've pretty much been dealing with the same events all morning long. it's just going to be a little bit of a slow ride around the beltway this morning on the top side between bel air and providence, west side moving slow on the outer loop between 795 to 70. this is 95 northbound, near route 222. traffic remains halted at this time. they have inter34eu9ently opened up a left lane here and there but a serious incident near the chesapeake bay rest area involving a jackknifed tractor-trailer and that fuel spill clean-up continues. use pulaski highway as an alternate. a couple of road hazard incidents, not too big at this time. 40 eastbound in catonsville near new wood drive, the right lane continues to be blocked because of a downed tree. watermain issue in towson, york road between overbrook road and win wood road. no lanes blocked at this time.
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drive times up on the outer loop from 795 to 70. and whitemarsh boulevard and the beltway, five minutes. no delays on the harbor tunnel thruway between the split and 295. next on "good morning america," trying to get to the 33 miners in chile. they may reach them sooner than expected. more on the rescue efforts plus what the miners' living conditions are like. >> and on "good morning, america," what's up with oprah? she kicks off her final season. she will release today who will be on this season. that will be pretty exciting. we know john travolta will be dancing with her. and ray lewis will be dancing tonight. >> 12 hours from kickoff. jets and the ravens tonight, 7:00. hi. i'm jim perdue. in case of everyday emergencies... guys, go get changed! ...or soccer practice, it's important to be prepared for dinner.
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good morning, america. i'm george

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